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2015-2016 Season
Thanksgiving Hymn Sing
Hamdel's Messiah
Ring the Bells of Freedom
A New Era has Begun
The Heartland of America Community Choir and Orchestra (HACCO) had its conceptual beginning in 2012.  There was a great desire to have Handel's Messiah once again in Independence and to be held in the historic Stone Church.  The community of Independence and surrounding communities came together and we were able to present Handel's Messiah once again in Independence, Missouri.  It was very successful with standing room only during the two performances.

The Messiah was once again scheduled to be performed the following year, but the decision was made to change it to the Easter Season of 2014.  Once again a wonderful experience and from this we are moving forward with several other community programs.

From the beginning it was decided that the choir members, soloists, directors, accompanists, instrumentalists and other personnel would serve without compensation of any kind for this is a gift of love to the community.  Also for performances, every person attending would need to have a ticket because of limited seating capacity.  However, there would be no charge for the tickets.  They would be free.

Starting this November 14, 2015, Heartland of America Community Choir and Orchestra are pleased to present a Thanksgiving Hymn Sing and on April 8 & 9, 2016, Handel's Messiah.  Both performances will be held at the historic Stone Church in Independence, Missouri.  Another program being planned at this time is Ring the Bells of Freedom to be held September 16 & 17, 2016.

Please take a few minutes and see what is currently offered, who can participate, and more information about this organization.
Mission & Purpose
Heartland of America Community Choir & Orchestra (HACCO) was founded for the purpose of teaching and encouraging excellence in quality sacred, classical and other beautiful music.  Its primary purpose is to fulfill the need for more music in our communities, with a focus on God, Home & Family and Country. 
Similar to the music of the masters, we are bringing God back into the concert hall with the sacred/classical music that is such a rich part of the history of Christianty.  We feel this is vital in today's society, particularly for the youth of America.
What Does this
Opportunity Provide?
HACCO provides an invaluable learning environment whereby children, youth, and adults may associate and develop talents with those who maintain upstanding values, while instilling in its participants a deep love for sacred and classical music.  The organization is made up of many volunteers who represent a variety of faiths.
Who Can Participate?
All Ages.  All Faiths.  One Voice.
Independence Community Choirs & Orchestra welcomes all youth and adults in the community who agree to abide by its Participant Handbook. We encourage families to become involved and share in this musical and rewarding experience.